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If you’re tired of the skin irritation, time, and money that goes into shaving on a regular basis, then it may be time to consider waxing as a means of hair removal instead. After all, there are numerous benefits that waxing affords you over traditional shaving.

Benefits of waxing:

  • Smoother Skin; Because waxing involves the removal of the entire hair shaft, your skin feels a lot smoother when you wax instead of shave.

  • Hair Grows Back Thinner; This occurs because the hair follicle becomes smaller and thus hair grows back thinner and finer.

  • Better for Sensitive Skin ;There are specially formulated waxes for sensitive skin that provide added moisture and nourishment, so you can remove hair in a way that’s good for your skin and not overly irritating.

Choose the right wax for you

  • Hard Wax: Waxing technicians will artfully apply the hard wax to the desired treatment area and then let the wax dry. As it dries, it wraps itself around the hair and transforms into a flexible plastic. The wax only attaches to the hair, and not your skin, for an easy removal process- causing to also have a lighter exfoliation.

  • Soft Wax: Waxing technicians will artfully apply the soft wax to the desired treatment area and then apply a wax strip over it. The technician then flattens the wax strip,  whilst the wax attaches itself to the hair, it also picks up the top layer of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin which means these are also removed with the hair, leaving your skin looking rejuvenated. 

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